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>> F.A.Q <<

Q: How we get this damn boat in that freaking pool ?
A: From the beach you can easily ship the boat through the canals up to the small lake behind the bare brickwork.
At this point, you have to push with tank & lav (lake -> hills -> street -> gas station -> hotel -> pool).
Friendlyfire must be disabled.

Q: How we made these smooth camera movements and the clear view ?
A: Just watch the "100% removed HUD" video in my channel. Due a little trick it's possible to remove the firstperson weapon. When the hud is disabled AND the firstperson weapon hidden , you don't have any camera shakes or movement animations. So, when you walk, everythings smooooooth (you can also see it in the outtakes video)

Q: Which software was used to edit the movie ?
A: Sony Vegas

Q: Which software was used to make the soundtrack ?
A: Ableton Live

Q: Can I download the tracks as mp3 ?
A: Hard question, let me explain: I got the copyright on both tracks BUT ... EA/DICE holds the copyright of the BF2/BF3 theme which I used as the main lead for the songs. So, when they (EA/DICE) give me the OK, I can make a free, official & public release for download. EDIT: RELEASED !

Q: Why we spell it "JaFF-e-lin" instead of "Javelin"
A: Cause we're "germans" :D FFS, No! It's leant to the speeling of the party rock anthem ( ... Everyday I'm shuff-eling)

Q: Total production time ?
A: Recording the scenes: loads of hours, editing the whole movie: 1 week, making the soundtrack: ca. 10 hours including the credits remix

Q: Commissioned work for clans / make a video for us ?
A: Maybe, but making a high quality video takes time and loads of coffee

Q: Are the "Useless Vol. 1-4 movies" also made by u ?
A: Yes, these vids are from Battlefield2 and 7 years old

hey das vid is echt der hammer könnt ihr mir vllt n downloadlink nur vom lied geben plz oder schickt mir die datei einfach per e-mail ( ) plzz ^^[zstar][zstar][zstar][zstar]
Veroeffentlicht am 13.09.2012 21:10:41
Hey ihr geilen Uschis!! Hättet einer lust von euch uns ein Interview zu geben. Wie ihr auf die Idee gekommen seit zu eurem Video. Weiter infos und eventuele fragen würde ich gerne mit euch im direkten e mail Verkehr besprechen lg Christian
Veroeffentlicht am 13.06.2012 17:08:51
Veroeffentlicht am 21.04.2012 18:31:19
[zcoffee] + [zcigarette] + [zrestroom] = [cool]
Veroeffentlicht am 12.04.2012 17:26:59
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